Saturday, February 1, 2014

Reimagination 2014: The Meetup

Written By: William Lieb, Reimagine Media
Photographs: Alexander Popichak, Reimagine Media

GM Abby Goldstein talks to the
Reimagination Participants
The bands of Reimagination 2014 came to an introductory meeting for the Reimagination CD project. After an introduction by WYEP General Manager Abby Goldstein and Greg Joseph of the Clarks, the bands met with their producers to discuss rehearsal schedules and to better understand the recording process.

The Artists for the CD are:
The artists and producers of the Reimagination CD
  • Pachyderm
  • Prinse Tay
  • The Options
  • Driven Lifeless
  • Grace Tandon
  • Swag Monkeys
  • Hat Co.
  • FYFS
  • William Forest
  • Jessica Bitsura
Jessica Bitsura and Grace Tandon meet with producer Joy Ives
The bands seemed excited and energetic to get started. Recordings will be done at Church Recording Studios. Things have been temporarily set back due to an electrical fire at the facility, but the CD project is still moving forward and Church Recording Studios is excited to be a part of the project. Stay Tuned for Updates!

William Lieb is a WYEP Reimagine Media Contributor from Peters Township
Alexander Popichak is a WYEP Reimagine Media Contributor and Photographer from the Carlynton School District

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