Thursday, November 28, 2013

Throwback Thursdays: Young Frankenstein

Submitted by John Cantwell, Reimagine Media

What is the definitive Horror movie parody you ask? Young Frankenstein is the number one answer. Directed by Mel Brooks, this clever, quick-witted comedy has every element of what a parody should be. Gene Wilder portrays the great-grandson of the insane Dr. Victor Frankenstein.  Frederick Frankenstein is a science teacher at a university, and takes pride in his work. But one thing is, he does not take pride in his ancestry….

When a student asks him a question about how his grandfather attempted re-animation, he got into a fit, and repeated that he was not a Frankenstein. (He calls himself Frawn-ken-steen) As he dismisses class, an elderly man comes up to him, (calls him Frankenstein) and says that he has inherited his grandfather’s castle. He takes up the offer, and leaves immediately.

Once he gets to Transylvania he is greeted by a short, hunched, googly eyed man. The man asks if he is Frederick Frankenstein, and again he says Frawn-ken-steen. The man’s name is Igor, (which he pronounces eyegore) he proceeds to take him to the carriage, as Frederick throws his suitcase in the carriage, he notices that a woman is in there as well, and that he threw his luggage. This woman is Inga, who will accompany him on his experiments. They arrive at the castle and soon realize there is something mysterious about the place…. Dr. Frankenstein finds a hidden entrance that reveals a passage way. This passage leads to his grandfather’s lab.  He goes down to it to find a book on the desk, consisting of his grandfather’s plans for re-animation. He later becomes obsessed, and begins digging up corpses. Then, He tries to re-animate a corpse, and Frankenstein’s monster is alive!

This movie is filled with humor, and has a very funny take on Frankenstein. Everything from clever jokes, to sexual innuendos, to times that make you say, “Did he really just say that?” Proves that this movie is a laugh that will be passed down to generations.

John Cantwell is a WYEP Reimagine Media contributor from the Carlynton School District. If you're interested in contributing or joining Reimagine Media, contact Matthew Spangler at

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